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About Us

Illustration of lavender flowers in a circular arrangement.

Our Core Values

Striving to maintain our core values of creating quality products, being good stewards of the land, and serving others, Daybreaker Farms was established in 2021. Our mission is to provide high-quality products while safeguarding the land for future generations.

Located a few miles west of the historic Chisholm Trail near the town of Hennessey, Oklahoma, we transformed a parcel of family land into Daybreaker Farms. This land, historically used for grain farming and cattle production, features sandy loam hills that we identified as ideal for growing lavender.

We are confident that our hard work and dedication to quality will ensure a great experience for you.

Our Process

We ensure high quality products with the following processes:

Lavender bundles and twine in woven basket.

Acquire High-Quality, Organic Ingredients

We start by sourcing the finest organic ingredients. Our commitment to quality ensures that only the best materials are used in our products.

Dried butterfly pea flowers in metal strainer.

Create Oils and Products Using Natural Ingredients

Using our high-quality ingredients, we craft our oils and products with natural methods. This step is crucial for product purity and effectiveness.

Lavender essential oil and cream on wooden tray.

Bottle the Product

Once our products are crafted, we carefully bottle them to preserve their quality. Each bottle is handled with care to ensure it meets our high standards and expectations. 

Gift box with lavender body cream, oils, and hydrosol mist.

Ship to You!

Finally, we deliver our high-quality products directly to your doorstep. Our efficient shipping process ensures that you receive your products in perfect condition and in a timely manner.

Customer Experiences

See what our customers are saying about their favorite lavender-infused products!

Gina Kegley

January 10,2024

The salve is great!!! I had a deep cut on my hand and it healed it within a few days! It is a fast healing salve. I am going to keep it on hand for all my cuts and scraps.

Lisa Looney

January 10,2024

Great products! The Salve and Body Cream are my favorites and the scent of Lavender is one of my favorites!!

Billie Stewart

January 10,2024

So far what products I have tried have been wonderful. Looking forward to trying some other items. Great products and highly recommend.                                                             

Lana Miller

January 10,2024

Great products! The salve is amazing and smells great. Lotions are creamy and beneficial.


Dovey Thomas

January 10,2024

Great product!!


Cameron Miller

January 10,2024

I decided to try a couple of my dads items about a year after he started the business, and I have to say my favorite item is the car diffuser. I have it hanging from my rear view mirrior, and it smells great. There’s plenty of other items to try at reasonable prices. Go check it out, and allow him to earn your business.

brandi hamil

January 10,2024

Great product. Nice people